Dr. Ruth’s Challenging Workout Routine

Have you ever felt that unparalleled feeling after triumphing over a challenging workout routine? I can only describe that nameless feeling as an overwhelming sense of confidence after exerting a significant amount of dedication to see yourself progress towards your long awaited goals. Your confidence is at an all time high as you complete the extra mile, clear the extra rep, and feel the extra burn. That feeling makes the result process all worthwhile. However, despite the importance of obtaining results, the recovery process might singlehandedly be the most important factor in maximizing progress.

Our bodies are home to hundreds of muscles that are instrumental to maximum performance. If our muscles are consistently performing without a sense of recovery, a delay in obtaining our desired results can occur, but worse of all, there is a greater chance of injury. According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, working out causes microscopic damage and inflammation to the muscle fibers. As a result, the body undergoes soreness in response to the process of restoration— making the recovery process painful. Postworkout, It is essential to establish a sustainable recovery routine in order to completely rejuvenate your body


Thanks to Cannabidiol (CBD), we no longer have to dread the recovery process. Studies from Frontiers in Neurology show that tested, high quality CBD can speed the process by reducing inflammation and improving pain and mobility. Here at Roma Leaf, we suggest integrating our CBD infused pain relieving balm and bath bomb into your post workout recovery routine. Our products are crafted from the finest ingredients with attached lab certificates to ensure high quality results. The pain relieving balm and bath bomb will naturally aid in the process your body inevitably undergoes. This simple incorporation will enable effective and sustainable transformation


Dr. Ruth is a trusted medical physician as well as a devoted bodybuilder. She promotes healthy living by achieving it through her lifestyle. Here is how Roma Leaf products has sustained her body during the recovery process:


“I use the topical balm often which I love, and as a bodybuilder and someone who works an extensive amount of hours I just love the results I get from this pain relieving balm. Another favorite of mine for muscle recovery is the CBD infused bath bombs. They are super replenishing and perfect for post workout recovery


I use epsom salts multiple times a week to recover, and the addition of the bath bombs has really helped speed up the process and even made me more productive in my routine the next day. I couldn’t be happier with these products as they allow me to recover and actually increase the longevity of my workouts and overall career through the amazing benefits.


Aside from my very extensive and hardworking career, it just allows me to relax my muscles and ease off the tension from commonly tense areas that result from training and straining my muscles sitting in front of a computer all day. It has definitely helped me recover in a huge way.

Dr. Ruth and Roma Leaf believe in the importance of doing good for others, but we must remember to invest in our individual wellness in order to optimally give back. At Roma Leaf, we hope you do too, by incorporating our product into your daily recovery process as well


Trust us, your muscles will thank you!