For the majority of my life, I’ve suffered from severe hemiplegic migraines. After doctors’ visits, prescribed medications, and home remedies, I made it my mission to find a more natural and effective solution to my problem. Subsequently, my father had terminal pancreatic cancer and had acute pain and discomfort. Both my father and I were reluctant to use prescription medications due to the many associated side effects and addictive properties of pharmaceutical drugs.It wasn’t until after my father passed away that I discovered the incredible benefits of CBD oil.

Miraculously, I felt relief from my migraines and the anxiety that followed my father’s passing. However, I began to notice that with each bottle I would rarely get the same result. It was then that I set out to find the best way to get consistent relief from CBD oils. I found that not all CBD oils test their batches to ensure the same potency. It was from this problem that Roma Leaf was born. I was determined to create the most consistent, safe, and effective CBD oil to aid my hemiplegic migraines. 

Ever since I found relief through my product, I have been determined to help others receive the same kind of comfort and relief.  With the team we built, we’ve extensively researched the highest quality hemp derived CBD oil so we could bring consistency and safety to others suffering from all types of anxiety and pain. While I wish my father was around to benefit from my research on CBD oil, I know that he would be proud of all that Roma Leaf has accomplished. 

At Roma Leaf, we make our products safe and consistent for ourselves and our customers. Our products are lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and safety.  All of our products contain 0% THC making them desirable to those who want the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects.  Our mission is to better our customers’ lives by adding relief to their routines when dealing with anxiety and pain. We are doing this by providing the highest quality products consistently  from a company our consumers know they can trust.

Mariya, co-founder


Because we believe you should know what’s in your CBD Oil.


Because we don’t just talk the talk. We do a lot of walking.


Because we choose each ingredient with purpose, and ensure that it passes every lab test.


Because supporting people is just what we do.

Transparency is key

We make our lab results and ingredients available to our customers to ensure they know what they are purchasing. In many cases companies are not clear about what is in their product.

We are here to change that.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Our products are made with the focus of being consistent and safe. We want our customers to be able to trust us and the product they are using, which is why we use the highest quality hemp derived CBD Oil that is tested by third-party labs.

Most CBD oils in the market use mainly olive or coconut oil in their products. At Roma Leaf, we use a rich organic hemp seed oil base in all of our CBD products, which contain high omega fatty acids and proteins to deliver results.

Get Consistent Relief

We want to make sure each bottle you purchase provides the same relief as the one before it. Often, CBD oils can have varying effects depending on which batch you get a hold of.

At Roma Leaf, we test for consistency across our products like no other brand. Each bottle is made exactly the same to ensure optimal results every time

Third Party Lab Results

At Roma Leaf, every product batch is tested for purity and potency by a third party lab, all to ensure that “what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle!”

All third party lab certificates can be downloaded on our website.

Our Mission

At Roma Leaf, we are on a mission to add relief to people’s routines through our safe, consistent, and premium quality CBD products that are grown and made in the USA .

We use the finest ingredients and formulation techniques while prioritizing potency to deliver consistent CBD oil in every bottle.

That is our difference.

All of our products are 100% plant based, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, and most importantly 0% THC, 100% guilt-free.


The People


The Industry




“This broad-spectrum CBD is made from a rich hemp-seed oil, rather than the usual MCT oil, making it uniquely pure.”

– Green Entrepreneur




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